Parish Council meetings are held in Potter Heigham Village Hall on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm, details are on the agenda, which can be viewed on this website or on the village notice boards.

Members of the community are very welcome to attend and we have a section for public discussions. This allows parishioners to discuss or highlight items to the Council. If you wish to discuss something in particular please contact the Clerk who can guide and advise you.

Hard copies of Parish Council minutes are available on request from the Parish Clerk. A fee will be charged as set out in the Council’s Freedom of Information Publication Guide. A summary of the latest meeting is published monthly in the Village Gazette.

2022 Meeting Dates

19th January 2022   Agenda   Minutes
16th February 2022   Agenda   Minutes
9th March 2022   Agenda   Minutes
13th April 2022   Agenda   Minutes
20th May 2022  (Annual Parish Meeting, 7-8pm)    Agenda   Papers   Minutes
20th May 2022  (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, 8pm onwards)   Agenda   Minutes
8th June 2022   Agenda   Minutes
13th July 2022   Agenda   Minutes
10th August 2022   Agenda   Minutes
14th September 2022  CANCELLED

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II please note our September meeting has been cancelled.

12th October 2022   Agenda   Minutes
9th November 2022   Agenda   Minutes
14th December 2022   Agenda   Minutes

2021 Meetings

20th January 2021 Agenda Minutes
17th February 2021 Agenda Minutes
17th March 2021 Agenda Minutes
Annual Parish Meeting, 14th April 2021 Agenda and Reports Minutes
21st April 2021 Agenda Minutes
5th May 2021 Agenda Minutes
16th June 2021 Agenda Abandoned
14th July 2021 No Meeting
18th August 2021 No Meeting
1st September Extra Ordinary Meeting Agenda Minutes
15th September 2021 Agenda Minutes
20th October 2021 Agenda Draft Minutes
17th November 2021 Agenda Minutes
15th December 2021 Agenda Minutes