Sheridan Turner (Chair), 01692 670206, [email protected]
Stan Chapman, 01692 670 039, [email protected]
Robin Graves-Morris, 01692 670652, [email protected]
Mary Haslam, 01692 670429, [email protected]
Robert Lovick (Vice Chair), 01692 670076, [email protected]
Harry May, 01692 670542, [email protected]
Donald Pickering, 01692 670407, [email protected]
Sindy Ratani, 07867 546417, [email protected]
Louise Parker, [email protected]

Brendan Shakeshaft, [email protected]

Bev Standen, 01692 670896, [email protected]

Parish Clerk – Ms Amy Gallant, [email protected]

Roles and Responsibilities

Allotment Officer – Mr. Donald Pickering
Data Protection (acting) – Mr. Donald Pickering
Drainage Officers – Mr. Harry May
Environment Officer – Mr. Robert Lovick & Vacancy
Footpath & Roads Officers – Mr. Robert Lovick
Internal Finance Officer – Mr. Stan Chapman
Parish Flood Warden & Emergency Planning Officer (appointed by North Norfolk District Council) – Mr. Paul. Rice, Mr Harry May & Mr James May
Police Liaison Officer – Mr. Bev Standen
SAM 2 Speeding Device Managers – Mr Robert Lovick
Staithe Officers – Mr. Harry May and Mr. Stan Chapman
Trust Fund representatives – Mr Donald Pickering, & Mr. Stan Chapman
Upper Thurne Working Group Officer – Mr. Harry May
Village Hall Management Committee Representatives – Mr. Robin Graves-Morris, Miss Sheridan Turner, Mr. Harry May, Mr George Chasemore, Louise Parker & Mr Stan Chapman (Treasurer)
Website Administrators – Clerk to the Council & Mr. Donald Pickering

Local Authority contacts

County Councillor – Mr Richard Price
North Norfolk District Councillor – Mr Harry Blathwayt

Declaration of councillor interests

Stan Chapman
Robin Graves-Morris
Mary Haslam
Robert Lovick
Harry May
Donald Pickering
Sindy Ratani
Bev Standen
Sheridan Turner

Louise Parker

Brendan Shakeshaft